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Nigel J. Downs
Born in Burton, in April 1962
Live in Tamworth. Staffordshire.

SA Crest
I am a fourth generation Salvationist. In 1908 my great grandfather Charles Downs (1870-1958) followed a SA band into the hall of Poplar Corps, and was converted: "If your God can do that for you, why can't he do it for me?" he is said to have declared. My grandparents Charles Downs (1904-65) & Nellie Babb (1909-89) were Salvation Army Officers.
I was brought up in the Burton Corps, by my parents John(1933-2000) and Evelyn.
I was a bandsman and held the Band Librarian Commission for 20 years. Now I man the 'Audio Visual Desk' during the worship meetings. I also produce this web-site.
I am an active member of the Tamworth division of the St. John Ambulance as a First Aider and Ambulance Crew. The St. John Ambulance is a registered charity, and is manned by volunteers. Please give a thought to the members next time you see them at a football match or at your local fete, they are working there unpaid, (whether they are first aiders, registered nurses or doctors). The St. John Ambulance gets NO government funding and relies mainly on voluntary contributions.
For those who recognize G7KHN as an amateur radio call sign, will know that I am interested in, and a Licensed amateur radio operator.
Also the Deputy Control of my local Raynet group, which provides Emergency communications for the emergency services during times of disasters and other times that it is required.
One of my other hobbies is flying radio controller model airplanes,
the closest way I am going to get to fly.
What is left of my free time is spent on my main hobby of computers.
I don't like computers (sometimes!)
During the day I earn a living, working for 'Swift Maintenance Services', as a service engineer of commercial catering equipment.

A Jump of Faith

In the summer of '93 I had a chance to experience a high adrenaline activity. When I climb into a cage which then was winched up by a crane to 170 feet above the ground. From the ground it doesn't seem a long way up, but when I was up there gripping hold of the side of the cage for dear life and looking down the ground looks a long way away, with the people looking like ants. The thought in my mind then was 'What am I doing, up here'. But the view of the surrounding countryside was great and you can see a long way. I could have stayed up there looking at this beautiful countryside we have here in England. But I wasn't really there for the sights, as I was reminded when someone behind me spoke the words "Static line free!". Then on the third blast of a whistle, I let go of the side of the cage, and dived out into thin air, falling towards the ground 170feet below (Without safety net or air bags). The next thought to enter my mind was 'It's too late now. No turning back'. The experience of falling head first is absolutely indescribable, you are just falling waiting for something to happen. Of course I had faith that before I hit the ground to met certain death, four large elastic bands attached between me and the crane pulled tight and halted my descent.

As I survived to tell this tale, the bungees did take the strain and stopped me. The blood then rushed to my head making if feel like it would explode as I pulled over 3G inverted. Then I was catapulted back into the air like a rag doll to fall back down again, after been thrown back up and down for a second time I just hung there upside down from the crane waiting to be safely lowered to the ground. (The view of the countryside changes completely in this position).

You now know that the title 'Jump of Faith' was a bungee jump, and I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't faith. Faith in that the bungees attaching me to the crane wouldn't break, and faith in the experts who looked after my safety.

That was a physical jump of faith but every day we take spiritual jumps of faith with the Lord. I pray that with faith in the Lord I can put my life in His hands, the hands of the ultimate Expert, and live my life as the Lord desires. I may not get the same high adrenaline feeling as I got from the bungee jump, but I do get a good feeling of satisfaction from following the Lord.

Nigel J. Downs