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Young Peoples Corps

Our Young Peoples Corps also known as the 'Pathfinders',
comprises of various sections/groups.

Sunday School (10:20am to 11:20am)

This is open to all children (between 7 & 13 years), where they worship and are taught through songs, games and the scriptures about Christianity and the beliefs of The Salvation Army.
For the younger children (3 to 7 years) there is the Primary Class

It is not necessary to be a member of The Salvation Army or wear a uniform to join our Sunday School.

13plus / Recruits Class

This is where Junior Soldiers prepare themselves for Senior Soldiership.

Junior Soldiers Promise

Having asked God for forgiveness,
I will be his loving and obedient child.

Because Jesus is my Saviour from sin,
I will trust him to keep me good,
and will try to help others to follow him.

I promise to pray, to read my Bible
and, by his help lead a life that is
clean in thought word and deed.

I will not smoke, take harmful drugs
or drink alcoholic drinks.