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Charity 'very grateful' for
food bank donation

Written by BY HELEN KREFT  (Burton Mail)

GROWING demand for emergency food supplies in Burton has led to the installation of a ‘dump box’ in one of the town’s supermarkets.

The Salvation Army is installing a 'dump box' at Sainsbury's in Burton Town Centre for people to drop in tins of food etc.

The Salvation Army is installing a 'dump box' at Sainsbury's in Burton Town Centre for people to drop in tins of food etc.

Burton Salvation Army, and Sainsbury’s, in Union Street, are working together and have placed the box in store for the collection of tins, jars and dry food goods to be distributed to those families and individuals most in need locally.

Major Jane Morris, of Burton Salvation Army, said: “Currently some 60 plus food parcels a month are supplied, to those most in need. In addition to the Christmas food parcels, the number of tins and dry goods items, amount to some 40,000 to 50,000 items required each year.

”Burton Salvation Army has run a food bank for 26 years and there is continuing need to supplement our cupboards, to continue to meet the demands placed on us. We are requesting customers, to continue to be generous, by purchasing an extra tin, or dry goods, and donating to us when leaving the store. This kindness will enable us to continue to meet those demands, from the people most in need, within East Staffordshire.”

The army aims to supply a balanced package of food to last seven days, and can meet family size, available cooking facilities, and dietary situations. Supplies of the emergency food parcels are requested by other agencies, charities and housing associations. All parcels are delivered, at no cost, to the families by volunteers.

Additionally, the army is jointly launching the ‘mile of pennies’ campaign. This initiative will help the church fund the food needed, such as bread, milk, butter, and eggs, and to meet any shortages that occur when putting the food parcels together.

A ‘mile of pennies’, equates to 79,200 pennies (792). Customers can place their pennies into the collection tins at each check out till.

Items requested include tins of soup, baked beans, any vegetables, fish, and puddings. Dry goods include jelly, biscuits, pasta, tea, coffee, and sugar.

extract from the Burton Mail 29th May 2013